Lighting of the Hall
of Arts in the Singer Book House on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg
The equipment used in the project is
We worked with one of the most beautiful and filled with architectural elements halls of the famous Singer House on Nevsky Prospekt - the Hall of Arts. The concept was to combine the possibilities of classical architectural and proper functional light within the interior. At the same time, it was important not to retreat in atmosphere into a "library hall", but to create the space of a chamber St. Petersburg bookstore.

In the lighting project we worked with the volumes and architectural elements of the hall: vaults, volumes of decking. The arch opens up the space, sets the tone and echoes the main front window. Another very important architectural element is the cornice - due to the lighting it gathers the volume of the hall and gives a lot of reflected soft light. Columns around the perimeter are highlighted with backlight - they are accents at the level of a person's gaze.

In the project we used 2 color temperatures - 4000 for architectural elements and 3000 for functional light. 3000K works well with the wood material of the racks and tables, terracotta metlach tiles, while 4000K brings out the whiteness of the architectural elements.

The main and most valuable achievement of the project was the fact that we managed to combine several difficult tasks in the project - to emphasize architectural elements, to create the necessary light levels and at the same time to preserve the atmosphere of a chamber store.